How Social trading works?

VitaFX Social Platform for copy trading

An exceptional system that integrates an automated copy trading platform with the opportunities of social networks. Forex Social Trading platform has been developed for traders by traders.

Copy trades and revel in profits or share your success for a fee!

Innovative auto trading service from Tifia developed for both beginners and pros. Social Trading is a professional platform for earning on the Forex market.

Beginners traders can adopt another platform participants’ experience. Professionals can allow to copy their trades and share own skills and get additional income. Level up your income with VitaFX Social Trading platform.

Share experience, chat with other traders around the world, trade and earn together!

Become more confident in making trading decisions and get the most out of your trading with VitaFX.


Try a trader's role

Are you an experienced and successful trader? Your experience can yield you more money. Trade and provide your trading for coping and get additional income

Traders make trades in their accounts and provide a newsfeed where they share trading successes and chat with their followers. Besides their own trading profits, traders also receive a commission from their investors’ accounts.


Register with VitaFX and then create the trader’s account. If you already have a trading account with VitaFx broker, please, select an existing one and make it into trader’s account. You may open as many trader’s accounts as you wish to fit each of your trading strategies. Pre-set your nickname in the platform and commission (%) from your investors’ profit. Also specify here recommendations for investors and describe your trading strategy and experience. Do not forget to put a tick «Show in traders’ rating».


Trade and improve your ranking among other traders to attract more followers and investors.
Show the maximum profitability and share the link to your statistics as trader and your VitaFX account number on social media and trading forums to attract new investors. The more investor you attract for copying your trades the more commission from their profit you get.


Share your trading successes and strategies in your newsfeed and attract new followers and investors.
Use VitaFX Traders’ social network and share useful information to get more followers.


Make your own trading profits and earn extra commission on top!
You will get the commission present from profit of each investor copying you trade. Level up your income with VitaFX Social Trading platform. Do you want to learn more about Forex Social Trading? Read the FAQ here.

Become an investor

You’d like to be a trader but you don't have enough experience, right?

Investors copy traders’ trades and pay traders a % if they have made profits. The amount of commission preset by a trader as a copy trading fee is displayed in our monitoring.
A follower is any client registered in the system and subscribed for a Trader’s newsfeed


Select successful traders from our ranking using advanced filters, subscribe to their newsfeeds and choose an option to copy trades.


Sign up as an investor and start copying trades of selected traders.


Copy trades using any of the 4 methods we provide


Chat with traders live and follow their newsfeeds.


Learn, trade and copy successful traders’ trades.


Achieve your aims by copying experienced traders’ behaviour.