Forex Social Trading - Forex copy trading system

Copy profitable trades of Forex pros and level up your income!

For Investors


Choose a Trader

Select successful Traders from our ranking. Study the stats, subscribe to their newsfeeds and choose an option to copy trades.


Follow & copy

Sign up as an Investors and start copying trades of selected Traders.


Control the trade

Copy trades using any of the 4 methods we provide. Chat with Traders live and follow their newsfeeds. Learn, trade and copy successful Traders' trades.


Get profit

Earn from copying trades of experienced traders.

For Traders


Become a Trader

You may open as many Trader's accounts as you wish to fit each of your trading strategies. Pre-set Profit Sharing (%) of your Investors.


Go to Trader’s top

Trade and improve your ranking among other traders to attract more Followers and Investors.


Trade Social

Share your trading successes and strategies in your newsfeed and attract new Followers and Investors.


Earn more money

Make your own trading profits and earn extra commission on top!